Enhancing Teaching Through Technology

By Amy Gold, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Everywhere you look in the media today, we read that schools are working on how to integrate technology into the classroom. Recently, there have been many articles in professional education journals that are focused on teaching “screenagers.”  We are now teaching the Igeneration. The I represents digital technology (iPhones, iPad, iTouch) and the highly individualized activities and … Continue reading Enhancing Teaching Through Technology

Rashi’s “ActivClassrooms”

By Dave Rosenberg, Third Grade Teacher and Assistant to the Head of School Last year, in my tenth year of teaching, I began using an ActivBoard, and now I don’t know how I was able to teach without it. Rashi is now in its second year of implementing “ActivClassrooms” with the use of Promethean’s ActivBoard and ActivInspire software. ActivBoards are Promethean’s brand of interactive whiteboards. … Continue reading Rashi’s “ActivClassrooms”

Helping Our Children Become Resilient

By Matt King, Head of School Being a parent seems to get more complicated and challenging each year.  As a new grandfather observing the amount and complexity of equipment that parents now must have for babies, I was struck that the amount of new “stuff” seems to have doubled in a generation. And that’s the easy part, for the truly challenging work is guiding children … Continue reading Helping Our Children Become Resilient