You are the Future: A Yom Hashoah Insight

By Jim Blankstein Reposted from The other day I spent $100,000 (OK, so I spend it over the last nine years in tuition) for my son to learn four words. And I was glad to do so. Let me start at the beginning… last week was Yom Hashoah and The Rashi School, where my son attends, had invited a Holocaust survivor to speak. The … Continue reading You are the Future: A Yom Hashoah Insight

Following the Yellow Brick Road

By Sue Saber, Rashi Librarian “As the century unfolds, students will probably rely almost exclusively on electronic resources for their research and reading…. The institution on campus already established to support research and reading needs to fully embrace this new reality. That institution is the library.” – Tom Corbett, Executive Director of Fisher-Watkins Library at Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA When Cushing Academy decided to go digital … Continue reading Following the Yellow Brick Road

Why We Support Rashi

By Barbara and Ed Shapiro, Rashi parents We had not considered an independent school for our children. We had attended public schools and our children went to the local public school. But when several close friends repeatedly recommended Rashi, saying it would be a perfect fit for our children, and when our town’s budget cuts had started to impact public education, we decided to take … Continue reading Why We Support Rashi

Tamchui Reflections

Tamchui is a philanthropy project during which Rashi students learn about five organizations that help children, and then decide how to allocate their “chips” among the organizations. For more details on Tamchui, go to This year, several Rashi parents shared their reflections on Tamchui and the effect it has on their children. Every year during Tamchui, our children meet five new friends. They learn … Continue reading Tamchui Reflections