14 Interesting Questions to Spark Conversation at Your Seder

Today, our Middle School Rabbi, Sharon Clevenger asked her students to write one question, in the spirit of Passover, that they think would provoke interesting conversation at their Seders.

The exercise sparked an interesting, inspiring, and impressive conversation in the classroom. Now, we share them with you so you can see what our Middle Schoolers are thinking about and to invite you to ask your own interesting questions at your Seder.


14 Interesting Questions to Spark Conversation at Your Seder

  1. Why do we ask questions on Passover?
  2. What do you think Moses would think about Donald Trump’s immigration policy?
  3. Why is it that some characters in the Pesach story are not named (ex: Pharaoh’s daughter)? Are they considered irrelevant?
  4. Why do you think Moses was chosen by God?
  5. Who was the favorite child (of the three siblings) in Moses’ family?
  6. If Pharaoh’s daughter may have guessed he was Jewish (why else would a baby be in the river?), why did she take him in and show him to Pharaoh? Why did Pharaoh take him in?
  7. Are we really free?
  8. Are we always in control of our thoughts?
  9. What lessons from Moses can we apply to everyday life?
  10. How come many Jewish people were slave owners when we were once slaves ourselves?
  11. Why is this holiday the holiday of questions?
  12. Is there a such thing as fate?
  13. How does slavery affect us in daily life and how does freedom affect us in daily life?
  14. I understand the importance of remembering the story of Passover but why do we not eat chametz for 8 days? Why do we attempt to remember by reliving one of the hardships?

Love the way our Middle Schoolers are thinking?
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